On-Island in the USVI, with dedicated aircraft and our own flight crews providing life-saving care to those in need throughout the Caribbean, 24/7

Through the composition, training, and expert capabilities of our medical flight teams coupled with the state-of-the-art advanced medical equipment on-board, AeroMD is able to provide in-air intensive critical care.

With dedicated on-island medically equipped aircraft, and our own highly experienced Flight Medical Teams, AeroMD provides high-acuity Critical Care services to patients needing Air Medical Transport to off-island medical facilities with rapid response times, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

AeroMD maintains aircraft, flight crew, and medical teams on rotating stand-by duty 24-hours-a-day, every day of the year to ensure that life-saving care can reach the patient within hours, not days of an illness.

800+Caribbean medical evacuation sorties
1,000,000 Miles Flown


Our medical flight teams consist of a Flight Critical Care Registered Nurse, Flight Respiratory Practitioner or Flight Paramedic with real-time access to Board Certified physicians, ensuring world-class care for patients in life-threatening situations.

Each team member comes to AeroMD with years of critical care experience and must endure a rigorous selection process. Before consideration for a position on our team, every prospective candidate undergoes a multi-day selection course which includes knowledge assessments, scenario-based testing, and a procedural skills assessment.

Even after selection, every flight clinician’s education continues with our own physician-directed, world class training program which incorporates in-air procedures with high-fidelity HPS Simulation Labs.

Mission Focused All Day

AeroMD training is tough and rigorous. Preparing for your mission is not something we take lightly. Our teams are full-time and dedicated – they have been given the task and the equipment to train for Your Mission – everyday.

To be successful in Air Ambulance operations, safety and mission preparation serve as the primary focus of our day. Our teams continuously prepare for any mission they might encounter.

This begins with a daily team briefing early in the morning, discussing operations for the day, expected flying conditions, and any other conditions that might drive the mission.

We then check our equipment and train hard on various medical scenarios. Our in-house training mannequins and equipment complement our off site high-fidelity simulation and procedure labs. We never stop learning and preparing for any emergency, including yours. Through this rigorous training and education, we are committed to raising the expectations of air ambulance service and care.

Response Time

AeroMD is one of the fastest emergency responders in the Caribbean, thanks to dedicated medevac aircraft and medical team members based in the U.S. Virgin Islands. We strive to have our patients in the air in hours, not days like the competition. Our quick response time is powered by a devoted group of professional communicators and dispatchers, who work around the clock to carefully arrange every detail of a mission.

High Quality Care

Transfers with AeroMD are bedside-to-bedside, so our patients and their companions see the same friendly faces from the moment we greet them at the hospital, until the time we brief the care team at the destination medical facility. Only the highest caliber medical professionals can meet the rigorous standards to become AeroMD team members. So we can confidently promise the best patient care available.


Our team is part of the Caribbean community and patients are sometimes our friends and neighbors. We take pride in providing an option for those during medical emergencies which was not available in the Caribbean until recently. Our medical team members take their daily training to-heart and serve those in need both on and off the clock. The AeroMD family is entrenched in the island community supporting non-profits with time and talents.

Our AeroMD medical team members get out of bed every day to serve the people of the Caribbean. As the only air ambulance service with dedicated medevac aircraft on the ground in the U.S. Virgin Islands, we are devoted to raising expectations of emergency medical care. Our joint operating team includes professional pilots, registered nurses, respiratory care practitioners, flight paramedics, air medical communication specialists, flight dispatchers, professional aircraft mechanics, and other support staff who know the importance of every air ambulance mission.


an AeroMD Pilot

RJ Pope


an AeroMD Nurse

Amanda Tegge

Disaster Response

AeroMD aids Coast Guard

In the aftermath of
Hurricane Irma and Maria

AeroMD air ambulance serves our neighbors throughout the Caribbean and worldwide.

  • “My best case for survival was to be taken off-island.”

    Charles Jaquays, AeroMD Patient

  • “You guys saved [my husband's] life.”

    Eileen des Jardins, Patient Companion

  • “If it wasn't for [AeroMD], I wouldn't be here today.”

    Hayley Rodriguez, AeroMD Patient